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By AnalytiCray
Jan 29, 2019

The ways of doing things in the contemporary society are ever changing and dynamic given the unflagging technological advancement and revolution sweeping through the facets of human endeavour. The case of Artificial Intelligence Al-Powered HR Analytics Software is a typical example of ground-breaking improvement in the process of hiring qualified employee. This software is essentially designed to ease off the challenges associated with finding the ideal individuals manually.

The emergence of the AI-Powered HR Analytics software is a viable response to the challenges, hurdles and difficulties inherent in screening all candidates' resumes for a particular job manually. This lends credence to the proverb that, "Necessity is the Mother of Invention". In many human resources training and development conferences and workshops, we met and had intense discussions with dedicated and well-meaning HR people including Chief Talent Officer, Human Resource Directors/Managers, Chief Development officers, Head of Group Human Resources and the like. Most of them stated that the challenging, frustrating and time-consuming part of their HR duties is the manual process of screening and assessing all candidates' resumes for a given job.

As a matter of fact, 52% of Talent Acquisition Leaders opine that the most difficult and challenging component of recruitment is screening candidates from a big applicant pool. In this light, a typical job opening attracts 250 resumes and up to 75% to 80% of them are deemed unqualified. Consequently, a recruiter can spend close to 23 hours screening resumes for a single hire.

One of the biggest challenges plaguing HR people is volume. The amount of resumes received for a single job is quite voluminous, estimated at about 250 resumes for a given job 80% of which is often considered unfit and unqualified. The time expended in screening this avalanche of resumes is very huge and frustrating. Another problem besetting the HR community is the human bias which has profoundly shaped and influenced many aspects of recruitment. People tend to stereotype and take uninformed choices on the basis of gender, ethnicity, personal prejudice, and so on. For example, in 2015, Google started engaging an internal recruitment tool called qDroid. This provides interviewers with more reliable interview questions based on the position that the candidate is interviewing for, and that disregards candidate background.

In the same vein, HR Managers are also grappling with lack of credibility in applicants' credentials. As a matter of fact, more than 50% applicants are economical with the truth in their credentials, fabricating certifications in their credentials in order to serve as a cutting edge. This therefore constitutes a great challenge for the Hiring managers in the quest for ideal candidates for the job. In reality, a lot of them lack the corresponding skills, experience and work ethics for the job they are pushing for.

It is against this background that we launched this much talked about ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Al- POWERED HR ANALYTICS SOFTWARE, which is essentially designed to undertake intelligent job resume matching and employee resignation prediction. As a purpose-built innovation, the software effectively garners enough intelligent Job-Resume matching that will help in picking the best person(s) for the job. It is also designed to reduce or eradicate time-consuming administrative activities like manually screening resumes.

Our software is also capable of predicting employee resignation move, hence, ensuring foresight and pro-activeness in the long run. Considering the efficiency and ease our software offers, it is highly advisable for HR managers to adopt and use our software which is essentially designed to address all the knotty challenges associated with recruitment process. Interestingly, the software will not only provide lasting solutions to hiring challenges but also ensure smooth running of the process.

The making of the software is geared towards integrating seamlessly with your present recruiting load so that it does not disrupt your workflow and candidate workflow. Industry professionals have stated this kind of automation technology will considerably transform and shape the recruiting function and process. As a result, screening, sourcing and assessment will be become largely automated. This technology basically automates the resume screening process.

Our software is also designed to analyse existing resume database in order to know which candidates forged ahead to become successful and unsuccessful employees based on their tenure and performance. This software can equally enrich resumes of candidates by leveraging public data sources about their former employers and public social media profiles.

In the light of myriads of problems stated above, the software plays host to adequate solution oriented objectives. It is noteworthy that the software is an artificial intelligence tool that scrutinizes curriculum vitae properly all in an attempt to identify individuals best suited for the job on the basis of the contents of the CV. This will drastically reduce the problems associated with finding the right person amidst other problems.

The limitations of Booleans search or conventional methods of looking for best candidate is that most qualified candidate may not be picked. As a matter of fact junior recruiters may not be able to use the Boolean search engine effectively because knowing the right keywords require domain knowledge of the job position. Thus, due to the naiveness or inability to run a successful hiring task by junior recruiters, the essence of the job description may not be met in reality. As the demands and the skillset are continuously changing, even the senior hiring managers will have difficult times in identifying the right search keywords to look for a candidates.

More qualified candidates might be not picked owing to the inefficiency inherent in the methods as a result of the lack of technical skills by the hiring recruiters. In fact, most recruiters cannot successfully cope with the complexity of the method. The methods are so crude and static, lacking dynamism in its operational framework.

Unlike the Boolean methods, Al-powered HR analytics software utilizes the demands and algorithms logics of the programmer to select the best candidate. In the cases where the Boolean fails due to its complexity, the Al software replaces it to better equip junior recruiters or sourcers to better discharge their duties. The key words are inserted in the search engines of the application in the bid to ensure the selection of qualified candidates.

The software shows suggestions (more like thinking like humans) that are in many way similar to what the company objectives are based. Many big companies leverage artificial intelligence to monitor their business activities. Interestingly, this has paid off considering the level of patronage seen so far. This new technology is breaking new grounds in Human Resources world.

Few years ago, Amazon which is one of the biggest online retailers, embraced artificial intelligence automated machine to ease recruitment process. The software is not fully effective owing to some shortcomings like gender discrimination. The good side of it is that it work in line with key words the programmers input. It also shows suggestions of other products that are pertinent to what the person request. This advancement in recruiting process is more rewarding and consequently, more competent hands were employed. Subsequently, the software was redesigned to become more flexible.

Having discussed some of the success stories recorded in Amazon even as it contains little shortfalls, our own software aims to improve on this. The software has the intelligent capability to learn by itself of the myriads of key words and skillsets, and special interests that are more applicable for a specific job position.

It is indisputable that to adopt a new technology might be a bit difficult for Hiring managers considering the new system and its practices. With this regards, our team will go an extra mile to assist companies to adopt this new technology smoothly in their workplace and solve technical issues they may face. With respects to our new technology, we will also conduct regular consultancy and staff training to ensure smooth transition of using the new technology. We promise to do our best effort to ensure that our software tool gives the highest benefits, increases the efficiency and productivity of your company.

The software is developed to cater the Malaysian market by a group of enthusiastic young people who are passionate to reshape the conditions of hiring workers. If you are a Hiring Manager, your decision to settle for AI powered HR analytics software actually augur well for the future of your businesses and their potentials and prospects. Our software will ensure that your process of recruitment is robustly efficient and effective, thus resulting in the emergence of competent and qualified individuals for your jobs. Once this is in place, the likelihood of success in a company's overall performance will be very high. Give our software a try and exempt your organisation from the frustrations, strain and stress inherent in manual recruitment process.