Visual Analytics and Visual Search

AI-Powered Technology that allows your customers at home
or at the shop find products by snapping or upload photos.
Create new amazing experience for your shoppers so they will come back
to your stores or your website for more.

How It Works

Use Case 1: Let Your Shoppers Find Products using Photo Images.



Take a Photo

Your shopper takes a photo from his/her mobile phone.

Search Catalogue Image
Search Catalogue

Search Catalogue

Our technology searches the photo in your shop catalogue.

Product Displayed Image
Product Displayed Icon

Product Displayed

The product item information appears on the mobile phone.

Use Case 2: Engage Your Shoppers With Personalized Recommendations.


Browse Online Catalogue Image
Browse Online Catalogue Icon

Browse Online Catalogue

Your shopper browses your online catalogue and then clicks on the product item’s image that he/she interested in.

Visually Similar Recommendations Image
Visually Similar Recommendations Icon

Visually Similar Recommendations

A list of visually similar recommended products items appear on the mobile phone.

Benefits and Features


Boost Customers' In-Store Exp

Boost Customers' In-Store Exp

Your shopper just needs to take a photo from his/her mobile phone, and she can find more information about the product, or he/she can view other similar product items that he/she may like right away. This will bring a unique experience to your store, as it allows your customer to interact with your products with an amazing experience.

High Availability

High Availability

Our technology is cloud-based and therefore we can promise a 99.5% uptime guarantee, so your shop can operate 24 hours a day.

Shopping Behaviour Analysis

Shopping Behaviour Analysis

You can analyse your shoppers' behaviours, and which can in turn help you to improve your store sales & experience: what are the most viewed product items?, do shoppers purchase the items after viewing them? etc.

Accurate & Fast

Accurate & Fast

It takes less than 1 second in average to search a product item in the catalogue from a photo image.



Our pricing plan starts from just RM1990 per month. Then on, you will only pay for the number of product items you have in your catalogue. Your shoppers will have unlimited usage of the technology.

Our AI-Powered is so affordable for SME. Don't wait and start incorporate this AI technology to your retail store and/or website

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