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We provide a wide array of Revenue Assurance (RA) related services including consulting, analysis, development, implementation, deployment, maintenance, and testing of Revenue Assurance solutions in the following areas:

  • Interconnect
  • Mobile Wallet Money
  • Airtime Credit Service
  • Value-Added Service (VAS)
  • Prepaid
  • Postpaid

As combined, we are providing below core activities of RA for all vertical as mentioned above.

  • Usage Assurance
  • Interconnect Assurance
  • Subscriber Assurance
  • Subscription Assurance
  • Customer Churn Assurance
  • Roaming Assurance
  • Wholesale Reseller Assurance
  • Rating Assurance
  • Migration Assurance
  • Network Assurance
  • Mediation Assurance
  • Billing-Postpaid Assurance
  • Prepaid Assurance
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Analysis, Monitoring & Reporting


We have a strong background in RA for the interconnect, pre-paid, post-paid, Value-Added Service (VAS), Mobile Wallet, Airtime Credit Service (ACS), Mediation and Processing & Billing services. We have a great deal of experience in solving the most complex issues in the RA systems. Specifically the following are what we promise to deliver:

  • 100% Guaranteed on KPI Delivering
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) report for Teclo's RA can be extremely complex. We promise to design the KPIs exactly 100% as required by the RA Analysts, Managers, and Management Executives. In the past we have delivered KPIs requested by our Telco clients, whereas other vendors were not able to do so.

  • Almost ZERO Manual Effort
  • Most RA solutions are very complex, and not intuitive for RA executives to use. Our Solution almost fully automates all RA core activities. Our platform streamlines and automates all the RA core activities (including reporting), which require almost zero effort from the end users.

  • Best Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • We promise platform/solution availability of 99.9 percent. Our team promises to pinpoint the root cause of the revenue leakage in no-time. With our expertise, we go an extra mile by assisting the RA executives to determine the real root cause of revenue leakage and act on those issues, which we will commit in our SLA agreements.

  • High Revenue Leakage Recovery
  • Our solution recovers more revenue leakage when compared to other vendors. During Live POC demos, we demonstrated using real data that our platform is able to recover at least USDX Million in revenue. More importantly, our solution is also able to pinpoint exactly the cause of revenue leakage.

  • Strategic Budget Cutting by at least 30%
  • Our solution automatically streamlines all the RA processes and KPI deliveries with almost zero manual effort, and therefor your administration, operation team, software license, deployment maintenance, support costs can be significantly reduced by at least 30% No other vendor can promise this.


We also offer Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution, and Mobile Application Development in both Android and iOS. You may visit techloyce.com.my for more information.