About us

What are we?


AnalytiCray offers advanced revenue assurance and monitoring solutions that will provide complete visibility of revenue chain across and within different network elements, business and operational support systems, business processes and functions. AnalytiCray NDAS (New Dimensional Analytics System) acts as a Global Revenue Transaction Manager with the ability to manage and monitor the business processes of total revenue chain providing comprehensive protection for all current and future revenue leakages within the network. With the implementation of the entire AnalytiCray product suite, an operator can have not only the much needed defence against revenue leakages but an advanced set of solutions to speed up and maximise revenue recovery opportunities.

AnalytiCray Revenue Assurance System recognises that revenue leakage can occur at virtually any point in a telecom operator's revenue stream. So rather than applying quick-fixes to individual leakage points, NDAS-DART holistically identifies, corrects and prevents leakage automatically in operators, across the entire revenue chain, from the initial order to final settlement with customers and partners. For the scope of this project the solution would perform analysis and reconciliation of all the possible areas of busines.

AnalytiCray has greater penetration in Africa and Middle East regions and has experience in working with GSM service providers. With experience in Africa and Middle East Market, AnalytiCray draws the following advantage:

  • Proven Experience in the Prepaid and Postpaid market
  • Business friendly Information Available
  • Optimised Information Model
  • Best Experience with Ericsson, Nokia, Huawei, ZTE etc
  • Comprehensive Deployment strategies, best suited for the Operators

Why choose us?


AnalytiCray has our own principle to serve the telecoms based on the concept of grow the client grow your self, We offer the fastest deployment at minimum cost and has proved the multiple clients.